About  Weekly Tidbits

Interesting and Relevant

Weekly Tidbits gives you “morsels” of community news
that you may have missed! A fresh and innovative
publication concept that provides columns written by local
Port St. Lucie business people that have the community’s
best interest at heart. It was created to meet 3 simple
goals. First, to be entertaining for everyone. Second, to
Weekly Tidbits © is a publication of Summit 21, LLC   ©2016

deliver relevant content for Port St. Lucie residents and
visitors. And third, to be a productive means of advertising
for local small business. Always passionate about supporting Port St. Lucie’s best assets,
the founders of
Weekly Tidbits goal is to give readers information about the community
they live or work, in a short format that can be read in just a few minutes.

Weekly Tidbits is the free, weekly publication with interesting trivia and fun facts. It
includes fascinating stories on local businesses, city government, entertainment, local
activities and events and just things that can help make your life easier.

Weekly Tidbits employs a clear editorial philosophy: keep it fun and light-hearted, yet
interesting and informative! Our "good news" content is a refreshing alternative for
anyone who lives in Port St. Lucie!

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